A perfect day at the spa.

Really enjoyed spending time with Pam this morning getting my hair freshened up. The scalp massage was especially nice! Carol



Spa services include paraffin treatment, sugar scrub exfoliation & a hand/foot massaging.

spa pedicure 60

Our spa pedicure has been voted "Best in Town."  It begins with a refreshing custom blended foot bath then whisked off to a private suite to relax in our amazing "spa chair."  Includes detailed nail and cuticle grooming, exfoliation, paraffin treatment and foot massage .The finishing touch is your choice of polish or buffed to shine. (60 minutes)

mini pedicure 45

spa manicure 40

Our spa manicure is definitely out of the ordinary.  We invite you to relax in a  private suite within our Spa.  Your experience will include a detailed nail and cuticle grooming, exfoliation, paraffin treatment and hand massage.  The final touch is your choice of polish or buffed to shine. (60 minutes)

mini manicure 25

add on treatments...

gel polish with manicure 20

gel polish change 35
*does not include manicure

hot stones 10

reflexology 20


skin care

elemental nature facial
Our signature facial is customized for you. Restore balance to the skin witha  customized facial designed for total relaxation and rejuvenation with personalized products, essential oil aromas, and facial massaging techniques.
30 min: 40+ | 60 min: 75 + | 90 min: 110 +

microdermabrasion 125

lumiderm-LED facial 65

specialty peels

skin resurfacing treatments     

*Book a "Series" of treatments and get discounts up front.


relaxing waxing

back/shoulders 55          brow Design 25
bikini 40                            brow wax 15
brazilian 75                      cheek 15
chest 45                            chin 15
underarms 25                   face 40
full arm 40                         lip 12
ful leg 70                           lip & brow wax 27
half Arm Wax 30               ear 15
half Leg Wax 45


waxing recommendations:
-hair needs to be 1/4 inch long or about 2 1/2 weeks worth of growth
-take an anti-inflammatory to ease irritation
-for best results, gently exfoliate before your appointment with Smoothing Body Polish
-you must not be on Accutane or Retin-a for 6 months prior to waxing services
-keep the area that was waxed clean for 24 hours

body treatments

see our news and events page for more details on the body wrap and the wellness program that helps enhance results.

m'lis body contouring wrap 115
this body wrap helps to free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue, eliminating disfiguring deposits and stimulating inch loss.

series of 6 wraps 590 (100 savings)


BGS signature massage
Our signature Swedish full body massage.
Therapuetic techniques performed on the body to soothe away aches and pains, increase flexibility and circulation. An aromatic inhalation is incorporated to enhance your relaxing experience.
30 min: 50 | 60 min: 75 | 90 min: 100

deep tissue massage
This massage is designed for the highly active individual. Trigger point techniques are applied to stress 'spots' and deep manipulation to overworked muscles help aid in the relaxation.
30 min: 60 | 60 min: 85 | 90 min: 100

pre-natal massage
30 min: 55 | 60 min: 80

inspiritu stone therapy massage
Heated to perfection, the stones act as an extension of yhour therapists hands to melt away your stress of the day.
60 min: 85 | 90 min: 110

chair massage
15 min: 20

Your therapist eases tension by manipulating certain pressure points in the front that are specific to different parts of the body.
15 min: 20 | 30 min: 35

Series of 6 60 min. massages for $60 each
$360 with savings of $90


spa packages

The prices listed include a 10% savings!

afternoon escape 198
spa pedicure, 60 min massage, 60 min facial & lunch 

couples massage 180
90 min BGS signature massage for two.

the maverick 100
mini manicure, 30 min facial & 30 min massage. For UTA students; ID required.

grant your wishes
customize your own spa day at 10% savings for 3 spa services


Please note that our spa is located on the second story of the main house and the stairs are outside. Please check in at the front desk prior to your spa service(s).

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